Get in to Turkish mobile market and monetise your app with Rekmob.

Thanks to its 25 millions of smartphone users; Turkey is a gigantic mobile market where offers a lucrative playground for both independent and coorporate mobile application developers.

That is to say; the number of smartphone users of Turkey is over the total population of countries like Netherlands, Greece, Portugal, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway and many more.

Not exciting enough? According to App Anie reports, Turkey is the 4th biggest growth market for application downloads.

As Rekmob, one the biggest mobile ad networks of Turkey, we help foreign developers to grow their mobile apps in Turkey. This cooperation basically includes:

A) Promoting the app by Rekmob’s voluminous mobile ad network.

B) Representing the company or app in Turkey and monetising its ad spots.

C) Providing Turkish local market know-how.

Awarded by TUBITAK and being supported by TEB BNP Paribas, Rekmob has been playing a key role in Turkish Mobile market since 2013 and been developing relationships with international companies who are focused on Turkey.


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